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1mobile market is one of the best alternative markets to Google play market and is specialized for all Android devices whether its Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi or tablets, one mobile market contains around 1,600,000 applications and games, which are categorized by type, top rankings and most downloaded. You can easily download applications like Facebook , Snapchat, Pubg and other games and apps for free from 1Mobile Market Download .

Find Apps, games, wallpapers
Find Apps, games, wallpapers all free in 1mobile market


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Are you tired of stumbling over apps that are actually charging you for downloading them? Here you can find the wonderful world of apps and download them to your lovely Android mobile, since nothing requires your account details.

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1Mobile Market promises thousands of free apps and games for your Android device and it delivers exactly that. Everything that’s free on Google Play is also present in 1mobile Market. The apps are sorted in different categories and can also be searched.

1Mobile Market Download - Best Android Market
categorized Apps 1Mobile Market – best android market

The most interesting part of 1Mobile Market is the Manager. The App manager in one mobile market has three useful functions: Update, Backup and Sync , also you can see the section of new HD wallpapers in 1mobile Market .

1Mobile Market Download - Best Android Market
New HD wallpapers for android devices in 1mobile market
  • Update:  tells you which apps have newer versions available to download. If you decided to update an app it will take you to the Play Store.
1mobile market for android
New updated apps in 1Mobile Market
  • Sync:  is a way of remembering which apps are installed right now so you can re-install them later on another device
  • Backup: This allows you to save the current version of an app in order to re-install it later.

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